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Author. Speaker. Ambassador for Children

"Our children become as we see them. If you were to retain only one thing from our meeting here, it would certainly be this sentence, so simple and so decisive, because it is the source of a complete change of attitude towards childhood."

Born in 1971, son of researcher and educator Arno Stern (with whom he is a close collaborator), author and international lecturer, appointed ambassador for childhood, André Stern grew up outside of any schooling. Through a reflection guided by his own experience as a child and a parent, he draws on the most recent scientific discoveries to describe the child as a giant of potential, to speak of the spontaneous dispositions that await our trust, to announce the advent of a new attitude towards the child, and to invite us to become sowers of enthusiasm.

Married, father of two children, André Stern is also a musician, composer, instrument maker, speaker, two-time TEDx guest and journalist. He was appointed Director of the "Men for Tomorrow" Initiative by Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, researcher in advanced neurobiology. He is the initiator of the "Ecology Childhood" movement and Director of the Arno Stern Institute (Laboratory for the Observation and Preservation of Children's Spontaneous Dispositions). He is one of the protagonists of "Alphabet", the film by Austrian filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer ("We feed the world" and "Let's make money") and co-author of the book of the same name (Ecowin editions - 2013). His work in the media, his activities as a lecturer in universities, with education professionals and the general public respond to a growing interest on the part of all those who, from near or far, live and work with children - or who have been, themselves, children.

"Children are natural learners, yet so many of them tire of learning as they go through school. One reason is that the rituals of education don't resonate with the rhythms of their curiosity. André Stern is the embodiment of natural learning and achievement. A renowned artist, educator and loving parent, he shows how all children can flourish when we understand more deeply both how they learn and why and provide the best conditions for their growth and development."

– Sir Ken Robinson


Books (main books)

André Stern is the author of numerous books, written in French and/or German, regularly bestsellers, translated in several languages (Polish, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian...)

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Je t'aime parce que tu es comme tu es
Tous enthousiastes !
Poser sur nos enfants les yeux de la confiance
Reise in das unbekannte Land des Vertrauens
Les rythmes et rituels de l'enfant

Ecology of Childhood


The ecology of childhood proposes, above all, a new attitude towards childhood. An attitude of respect and trust in the spontaneous dispositions of the child, throughout their life.

Initiated by André Stern, the ecology of childhood movement was officially launched at the 1st International Congress of the same name on October 3, 2014 in Montreal. It is in full expansion.


Institut Arno Stern

"My Father Arno Stern is a great role model for me. But I do not want to be him. No: he is so himself that he makes me want to be as true to myself as he is to himself. This is the way children feel about the people who inspire them. We see our past in them: they see their future in us."


As a laboratory for the observation and preservation of the child's spontaneous dispositions, the Arno Stern Institute has two objectives:

1. To promote, preserve and perpetuate Arno Stern's scientific and educational work and legacy.

2. The implementation of an international and interdisciplinary laboratory for the observation and preservation of children's spontaneous dispositions.



From France to China, from Germany to the United States, Alphabet questions an educational system totally focused on competition and quantitative results to the detriment of imaginative abilities. With this film, the director brings to a close the trilogy begun with WE FEED THE WORLD and LET'S MAKE MONEY, with the help of education experts such as Sir Ken Robinson, a PISA official and Arno Stern.

Director: Erwin Wagenhofer

Screenplay: Erwin Wagenhofer and Sabine Kriechbaum

Music: André Stern

Production: Mathias Forberg, Viktoria Salcher (Prisma Film), Peter Rommel (Rommel Film)

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